Why join New

NEW is about connecting 'like minded' women who have an interest in business.  It does not matter what stage of business you are at, NEW can offer many benefits - not least it reduces the isolation that many women in business experience.

In this current challenging economic environment, being able to connect and confer will colleagues in a similar position is a great mechanism to spark off new ideas and approaches, gather feedback and identify relevant and beneficial contacts.  

Why networking?

Government research in recent times has indicated that women do not make use of networks in the same way as their male counterparts. This may be because women more often take responsibility for the family caring role and so have less time to attend regular networking events, sometimes tratitional networking events are at unsuitable times for many women who have caring roles, it may also be due to a lack of networking confidence among women or the fact of being in the minority at male dominated networks.

Whatever the reasons, here are 10 really good reasons for you to take action and get connected.

10 good reasons to join NEW: 

1. Make new contacts at regular networking events;

2. Promote and raise awareness of your business;

3. Access support and advice;

4. Be inspired by other women in business;

5. Learn new tips and tools;

6. Understand that you are not alone;

7. Increase your motivation;

8. Receive regular updates on relevant events and news which impacts on your business development through facebook.

9. Access a sounding board for new business plans and ideas

10. Develop new ideas and solve problems

How to join NEW? 

You can join NEW by simply attending one of our meetings.  The yearly fee is £25. All we ask in return is your committment to networking, participating, knowledge sharing and helping other women in business.  The returns can be phenomenal.